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Staff - Bert De Smedt

Bert De Smedt

foto Bert De Smedt Associate Professor
Tel: (+32) (0) 16 32 57 05
Fax: (+32) (0) 16 32 59 33

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 32 - bus 3765
3000 Leuven


I am an associate professor in Educational Neuroscience at Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at University of Leuven, Belgium. My primary interest is in understanding individual differences in children's mathematical skills: why are some children good at math and why do others experience (life-long) difficulties in this basic academic competency. My team and I use both behavioral and brain imaging methods to understand how children develop arithmetical skills and what neurocognitive mechanisms underlie this typical and atypical numerical development. I serve as an associate editor and editorial board member of the peer-reviewed journals PLOS One, Developmental Science and Journal of Experimental Psychology. In 2013 I received the Erik De Corte Early Career Award of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) and in 2014 I was awarded the Early Career Award of the International Mind Brain and Education Society (IMBES). I am currently the  secretary of the International Mind Brain and Education society. Click here for full CV.

Research topics

  • Typical and atypical numerical development
  • Dyscalculia (mathematical disabilities)
  • Educational Neuroscience
  • Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

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