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Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology

Research Group WOPP

Research Group WOPP

About us

The aim of the research group Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology is threefold.

1. Research

The group is dedicated to research on the psychology of organisational change as a core issue. More specifically, the group focuses on understanding organisational change and its attitudinal, behavioural and well-being consequences from within task related aspects (e.g. job insecurity), career-related aspects (e.g. employability), interpersonal aspects (leader- and followership, conflict management and negotiation) or organisational aspects (change management). The group is embedded in strong international research networks and in the Belgium society.

2. Teaching

The research group is responsible for the courses in Work and Organisational Psychology in the bachelor and master Psychology, and contributes to programmes of other faculties as well. The eduction covers the three classical themes, according to the ENOP guidelines: Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology. The group aims to teach students the fundaments in these three areas, and to provide the knowledge and skills to work as professionals. More specifically, experiential learning is combined with theoretical and methodological teaching and training and relations with the professional field are emphasized.

3. Providing services to the community

The group is involved in  professional service, in terms of training and education, both within and outside Leuven University. Also, the group engages in applied psychological studies and advice to organisations.

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